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Does Vermont Workers’ Compensation Bar Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

The idea behindVermont workers’ compensation is that it provides an “exclusive remedy” for an employee’s personal injury claims against an employer for a work-related accident or occupational illness. In simple terms, as long as your employer follows the workers’ compensation rules, you cannot sue. The exclusive remedy nature of workers’ compensation effectively bars most personal …

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Vermont Implements 2024 Cost of Living Increase for Workers’ Compensation Recipients

If you are injured on the job in Vermont and unable to return to work for an extended period of time, you are entitled to receive certain disability benefits under workers’ compensation. This includes temporary total disability (TTD) and temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. TTD benefits replace your wages if you are unable to work …

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Can You Receive Workers’ Compensation for Toxic Exposure at Work?

Many workplaces have dangerous chemicals that a worker can inhale or absorb through their skin. These toxic chemicals may lead to serious diseases and illnesses.. The Vermont workers’ compensation system exists to help workers injured on the job. Fortunately, a toxic exposure at work will usually qualify for compensation. Larson & Gallivan Law stands ready …

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Does Workers Compensation Insurance Have to Pay for a Second Opinion in Vermont?

Medical second opinions are routinely paid for by health insurance. I often get asked if Vermont workers compensation insurance will pay for a second opinion like health insurance does. The answer is yes, workers comp insurance should pay for the second opinion, as long as it is reasonable and necessary. What does Vermont Workers Comp …

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