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Prescription Errors in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are trusted to provide housing and care to thousands of elders throughout the US. Even at the most reputable and reliable nursing homes prescription medication errors can occur. Luckily, most of these instances don’t end in death, but patients’ conditions can become severe leading to hospitalization and long-lasting injury. What causes prescription errors? …

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer if I’ve Been in a Bike Crash?

Unfortunately, cycling accidents happen more often than we would like to think. Many crashes leave people with serious and long-lasting injuries. Although any accident involving a bicycle can end badly, those involving cars are often much worse, resulting in serious injuries and extensive property damages. After an accident, it is important to keep track of …

Tristan Larson awarded “Best of the Best Attorneys” top-ten personal injury lawyer.

  What does this award mean? Not much. I’m going to get a plaque to put on the wall. I have to pay for it. We don’t know how this organization vets lawyers, if at all. In fact, this award is bogus. It’s a scam. But it brings me to an important point: how do …

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