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About Tristan Christopher Larson

About Tristan Christopher Larson – Vermont Attorney


Tristan Christopher Larson, Esq.

Tristan Christopher Larson was raised on a dairy farm in Rutland County, Vermont. He grew up working on that farm with seven brothers and sisters before leaving Vermont for Hillsdale College in Michigan. Although he doesn’t have time to do much farming anymore, The Larson Farm is still there and run by other family members. Tristan knew from an early age that he wanted to use his interests and skills to help people, and always had a keen sense of the importance of fairness and justice.

Did Tristan change his name? Yes. Here’s his explanation.


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Tristan started Larson & Gallivan Law, PLC with his partner Erin Gallivan after seeing a real need in Rutland and the rest of Southern Vermont for a law firm dedicated to helping injured Vermonters get the treatment they need, the organization to work through the challenges of medical appointments, vehicle problems, insurance claims, and the financial compensation to get on with their lives.

Larson & Gallivan Law focuses on personal injury, workers’ compensation, and medical malpractice claims.

After law school, Tristan started his career at a corporate law firm in Boston. The firm had about 200 lawyers. His office was on the 37th floor of a financial building downtown and had a view of cargo ships sailing into the harbor far below. On a very clear evening, he could even see the lights of Provincetown on Cape Cod.  His clients were mostly giant real estate development and construction companies, government entities, and the like. It sounds glamorous, but the work was often very tedious.

Endless numbers of contracts needed to be written and rewritten, liability studies needed to be done, and sub-agreements with engineers needed to be edited. Boxes, rooms, and sometimes whole warehouses of documents needed to be reviewed. Thousands of gas station leases needed to be cross-referenced with the laws of fifty states. The work had nothing to do with the reasons why he went to law school in the first place – those intense feelings that the world should be fair and just. Frankly, the whole thing was boring.

So Tristan left that corporate law world. For a while, he worked on a construction crew north of Boston before getting back into the legal world by returning to the hills and people of Vermont and clerking for the judges of Rutland County. He then joined a local law firm doing injury law, medical malpractice, and divorce before starting Larson & Gallivan.

Tristan has been the president of the Vermont Association for Justice, is a graduate of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, and has been a chair of the select board in Middletown Springs. As a trial lawyer, he has won jury verdicts and settlements in:

  • Ski injury cases
  • Trucking cases
  • Car crash cases
  • Medical malpractice lawsuits

As a firm, and as individuals, we value loyalty, trust, and flexibility in ourselves and with each other. These are the qualities that we offer clients as well.

Tristan on his own

Low Point

Tristan is inspired to help other people through dark times of injury and distress because of the help he has received himself. He is an alcoholic who got sober with the help of other alcoholics (and his higher power). While he didn’t get a DUI or have catastrophic consequences, he realized that he was headed in that direction.

Tristan is now grateful for that rock bottom because it punctured his mistaken belief that the world would magically give him things he wanted like success and recognition for his work. That belief (along with other self-serving bullshit) was keeping him from facing the reality that Tristan was lonely, uninspired, and busy blaming other people for his discomfort.

Realizing that his life had become unmanageable and reaching out for help transformed the lowest point of his life into a new and hopeful direction. Tristan tries to bring the honesty that transformed his life to the practice of law and was inspired to start Larson & Gallivan Law to do so.

Tristan Christopher Larson, Esq.

I am dedicated to helping fellow Vermonters get through the complex legal system with as little pain and anxiety as possible. I will listen to your individual situation, answer your questions to the best of my ability, and keep communication open and honest. Ultimately, I want to help transform the low points of life into moments of redirection and achievement. 

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