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Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Breanna Davis

Breanna Davis is a Vermont native who grew up in Shrewsbury, Vermont, and now lives in the even more remote woods of North Chittenden, Vermont. She is Attorney Tristan Larson’s legal assistant and paralegal.

She enjoys the absorbing challenges of family law and personal injury law. Breanna graduated from Castleton University with a Bachelor’s of English, and her love of literature and writing is a large part of her life.



Intake Specialist/Office Manager

Allison Sawyer

Allison grew up in Rutland County, Vermont. She appreciates the environmental beauty of the mountains, forests, and fields, as well as the relative safety of the area. She spends a lot of time cooking and baking, caring for her child, and making a home.

One great interest is foraging wild food like nettles, sumac, milkweed, dandelions, and ramps. She is also deeply interested in human psychology and behavior, which has been the focus of her formal education. Allison likes to work hard and appreciates working in an environment that is both friendly and warm but also fast-paced and detail-oriented.

Paralegal/Law Office Study Scholar

Gen Sobel

Gen Sobel grew up in East Wallingford, Vermont. She now lives on a former horse farm on a long dirt road in a house from the 1800s with her human family as well as dogs, cats, rabbits, and Hazel the hedgehog. She graduated from Castleton University with a degree in Forensic Psychology.

Gen originally planned on a career in law enforcement before discovering an interest in civil law. She has worked with Erin Gallivan since 2014, primarily representing clients in workers’ compensation claims. In fact, most of the firm’s clients in workplace injury cases will get to know Gen well! More recently, Gen is participating in Vermont’s Law Office Study program, preparing to take the bar exam and embark on the next chapter of her career as a full-fledged attorney.

Legal Intern/Content Writer

Ellis Frielich

Ellis grew up in Middletown Springs and Pawlet, Vermont living on – and working in – local farms and bakeries. She is passionate about food systems and relocalizing food while working toward a sustainable human landscape. She plans on working at the intersection of law and policy with sustainable living, an interest that developed when she worked as a page on the floor of the United States Senate. She has attended college for a number of years and at several schools but insists on following her own path on her own schedule. She writes for fun and to change the world.

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