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What Medical Care Will Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workplace accidents and injuries often leave workers in considerable pain. To get well, you need individualized medical attention from a licensed physician. Helpfully, Vermont requires that your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer cover all necessary and reasonable medical care. But what types of treatment is covered? Our Burlingtonworkers’ compensation attorneys look at some of the most …

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How to Speed Up Your Settlement

At Larson & Gallivan Law, we settle most of our Vermont personal injury cases. Consequently, our clients can receive compensation without any need of attending a trial or testifying in open court. Settlement works for everyone involved, but it can take work to get there. At some firms, cases drag on for years, with no …

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Electric Vehicle Accidents

Electric vehicles are all the rage. The media confidently predicts that in 2040 virtually every vehicle sold on the planet will be an EV. For now, most of the sales are happening in urban and suburban areas around the country, such as San Francisco. But even Glens Falls should see more electric vehicles in the …

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What is a Failure to Mitigate Damages?

In New York, accident victims have a duty to mitigate their damages. What does this mean, and what steps should you take? A New York personal injury lawyer atLarson & Gallivan Law explains more in this article. Damages in Personal Injury Cases Our lawyers bring personal injury claims to obtain financial compensation for our clients. …

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Are Hip Fractures Serious Injuries?

Hip fractures are common injuries, especially for the elderly. But almost anyone can suffer a hip injury in a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall. Unfortunately, these injuries take time to heal and make life very difficult in the interim. In fact, a hip injury is enormously disruptive, costing patients thousands of dollars in …

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Spinal Column Injuries & Your Car Accident

Car collisions are traumatic events. Even at low speeds, two cars will generate amazing force, which can twist and turn the human body beyond its natural limits. These accidents leave occupants with many serious, disabling injuries. But perhaps few injuries are as serious as spinal column injuries. The spinal column is made up of 33 …

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Can You Receive Compensation for a Burn Injury?

At Larson & Galivan Law, we meet with burn victims to discuss their injuries and how they are recovering. Unfortunately, burn injuries are some of the most consequential a person can suffer. Burns not only lead to serious complications, like infection or even amputation, but they also are expensive to treat. Burn victims and their …

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Witnesses for a Workers’ Compensation Case

Workers’ compensation cases often hinge on witness testimony. On the one hand, you were an obvious witness to your own accident and can testify about what happened and how you were injured. But your own testimony might not be enough sometimes. The insurance carrier might believe you injured yourself or were engaging in horseplay when …

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Were You Injured While Visiting Vermont? Hire a Local Lawyer

Vermont welcomes 13 million tourists each year to the state. People flock to Vermont year-round to enjoy time on the slopes or out on our lakes. The beautiful scenery and friendly people are definitely a draw. Some of these visitors even choose to spend the summer months vacationing in our communities. Unfortunately, some of these …

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Was Your Child Injured in a Car Accident?

Car accidents involving young children are different from cases with adult victims. If your child is hurt in a car wreck, you might end up bringing different legal claims, depending on the facts. Obtaining a settlement is also more complicated. Legally, children cannot legally agree to a settlement, but they also can’t file a lawsuit. …

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