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Differences About Workers Comp Claims

Rutland, Vermont Workers Compensation Attorney

A workers compensation claim is different than other types of legal claims. A workers compensation claim can be open for the rest of your life because any future problems you may have that are directly related to the work injury are included in your claim. The benefits you may get from your claim will likely change over time. However, your benefits cannot stop unless you are given written notice.

The only time your weekly benefits can stop without written notice, is if you successfully return to work. If your benefits stop, without written notice, contact me.  To learn more about the different stages of a workers compensation claim, visit the other sections of this website.

Save copies of everything.

Save all documents sent to you by the insurance company and the Department of Labor. Keep copies of everything you send to the insurance company and the Department of Labor. Ask the insurance company, in writing, to send you copies of all medical records it obtains, or get copies of all the medical records yourself.

If you have injuries to more than one body part, make sure you tell your doctor and the insurance company as soon as you realize it.


Get a written explanation of every decision the insurance company makes, including:

  • Why it denied the claim

  • Why it is denying or refusing to pay a medical bill

  • How it came up with your Average Weekly Wage (AWW) and your weekly benefit amount

  • Why it is terminating or lowering the temporary wage replacement benefit (TTD)

  • How it came up with the amount of permanency benefits (PPD)

**Don’t sign anything unless you completely understand and agree with all the information on the paper you are signing.

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