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Will the Seat Belt Defense Impact Your Car Accident Case?

Seat belts save lives. The evidence is in, and the conclusion is not open to debate. Wearing a seat belt reduces the risk of a serious injury by 50% and death by 45%. For this reason, New York requires that motorists buckle up. But what happens if you didn’t wear a seat belt and were …

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Should You Give a Recorded Statement after a Burlington, VT Accident?

The days after an accident are usually a blur. Victims usually feel intense pain, which can make sleep difficult if not impossible. Meanwhile, many accident victims spend days going from doctor to doctor, trying to accurately diagnose their injuries and receive treatment. This is an enormously stressful time. Many spouses must immediately stop working to …

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Electric Vehicle Accidents

Electric vehicles are all the rage. The media confidently predicts that in 2040 virtually every vehicle sold on the planet will be an EV. For now, most of the sales are happening in urban and suburban areas around the country, such as San Francisco. But even Glens Falls should see more electric vehicles in the …

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Spinal Column Injuries & Your Car Accident

Car collisions are traumatic events. Even at low speeds, two cars will generate amazing force, which can twist and turn the human body beyond its natural limits. These accidents leave occupants with many serious, disabling injuries. But perhaps few injuries are as serious as spinal column injuries. The spinal column is made up of 33 …

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Was Your Child Injured in a Car Accident?

Car accidents involving young children are different from cases with adult victims. If your child is hurt in a car wreck, you might end up bringing different legal claims, depending on the facts. Obtaining a settlement is also more complicated. Legally, children cannot legally agree to a settlement, but they also can’t file a lawsuit. …

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How Does a New York Judge or Jury Allocate Fault Between Drivers Following a Car Accident

When a car accident occurs in Glens Falls, it is not uncommon for each driver involved to blame the other for the collision. This often extends into the trial of a personal injury claim arising from an accident. The plaintiff alleges the defendant’s negligence caused the crash, while the defendant maintains it was actually the …

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Seat Belt Injuries

New York requires that motorists buckle up. This law promotes public safety and has helped to reduce the number of car accident fatalities and serious injuries. Nonetheless, seat belts can also cause injuries in a crash. Car accidents are so traumatic that occupants can suffer serious injuries when the seat belt restrains them. At Larson …

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A Comprehensive Guide to Rear-End Collision Claims in Glens Falls

Involved in a rear-end collision in Glens Falls? It is the most common type of multi-vehicle accident reported in Warren County. Even the most safe and attentive of drivers could end up in a rear-end crash. It is crucial that you know how to protect your legal rights and your financial interests. In this article, …

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Car Accidents in Construction Zones: Who’s At Fault?

It’s summer, which means Glens Falls and surrounding areas will see plenty of road work, just as we do every year. We sympathize with all motorists. Nothing is more frustrating than coming upon a construction zone unexpectedly, especially when you’re trying to get to work or school and are running a little late. Nonetheless, it …

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